I offer professional writing
and marketing help
to reach your goals.


 1.  Start with a totally free consultation with me.
2.  Together, we will identify new opportunities to reach your goals.
3.  Then, I will explain the best strategic approach for optimum results.   


Do you need to market a message, promote a product, attract new members?
My experience spans many industries–and probably yours!

Real estate offices and HQ
Independent sales people
Nonprofit organizations
Membership organizations
Technology and healthcare organizations
Publishing companies
Entertainment venues and celebrities
Television and comedy clubs
Small businesses of all kinds
Plus, local organizations in the Charlottesville, VA, area.

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I’ve been a marketing and communications professional
for more than 30 years.

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I excel when working with a team…

“Tim’s writing skills coupled with an understanding of business goals makes Tim a great person to work with. He always contributes to key objectives in meaningful ways. A real team player, creative, and insightful.”
– Jeff Wittstock, President at Wittstock Consulting

I apply my experience to your dreams…

“Tim was an incredible mentor to me in refining my novel. He offered countless recommendations concerning content, style, and in the format my manuscript. He also offered sound advice about approaching agents and publishers in a professional manner. His extraordinary patience in working with me was most evident by his immediate responses to my barrage of emails, always asking for ever more advice and information. I highly recommend Tim as a knowledgeable resource for anyone fortunate enough to benefit from his expertise.”
– Jerry Miller, Owner, Find-it Fast Books

I “get” business…

“Hiring Tim is to your best advantage. His writing skills are not only creative but thought provoking. His message is clear and to the point.
Tim was the editor of my last book and look forward to working with me on my next publication.”
– Jean MacDonald, DTM, Coach, Corporate Trainer,Professional Speaker & Author

I inspire success…

“During my internship at IEEE, Tim was my supervisor for a copywriting project. A versatile wordsmith, he has the ability to create effective marketing copy. He also displayed a natural inclination toward leadership. Tim would play an invaluable role in any initiative that necessitates creative talent.”
Suzie Xie, Media Professional